Dealer – and his role in the gambling room.

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Getting into the casino means staying there for at least a few years. The dealer’s job is dragging and wearing out at the same time. Many remain hostage to high wages and habits. Work have to be 10-15 hours a day, but over time you get involved. And in order not to get in the face tattooed fist, a bunch of chips or on your fingers from injury – you can not make mistakes.

A considerable part of the work in the casino performs a figure, the role of which is often forgotten. Dealer – the face representing the casino inside its walls. He plays a significant role in ensuring quality of play and order at the table. The publication Login Casino has prepared a material on the features of the work of this casino employee.


At the World Series, 3% of the prize money goes to pay for the staff. 70 percent of these 3 percent goes to dealers, 30 percent to flora. And the flora already sit on a decent salary, and croupier drips a minimum. This is where justice lives.

If you do not take the financial component, on large series, in a respectable casino dealer created good conditions. Yes, the work is hard, but most often not dangerous.

Historical reference

The first mention of gambling houses falls at the time of the creation of the first circus in Rome, in which all comers played dice and bet on the outcome of events. It is not difficult to guess that even then there were people who took over the administrative function, which made it easier to play the game and helped them to concentrate. The first casino, which resembled today’s as much as possible, appeared in the 18th century. It was then that we finally realized how interesting it was to people and beneficial to the state.

Features of the work

Above all, the dealer works in two directions simultaneously. The first one is support of gameplay in card games (baccarat, poker, blackjack), as well as in craps, roulette and many others. And second, no less important, is working with people who often fall into a tit and can start blaming their failures on anyone. Dealers are also available in almost all online casinos UK.

Casino croupier

Thus, the dealer must have knowledge of most casino games, and if necessary, it is available to explain the rules to anyone. It is also the dealer’s responsibility to present the casino in a favorable light, for this is important to maintain communication with the client, but also to prevent fraud.

This profession involves the following clear responsibilities:

  • responsibility for the quality of the game – if there is a violation of the rules, it is important to correctly point this out to the client;
  • chip allocation, card prepacking. Most often this is what the dealer starts to get acquainted with the peculiarities of his work. Often the person who performs this duty is called a chip;
  • handling conflict situations, as well as informing the senior shift about emergency situations.

Nuances in the dealer’s work and what he should be prepared for.

In most cases, the croupier’s range of duties is limited to winning winnings and accepting bets. The dealer in this case performs broader functions. Often the duties of both the dealer and the dealer overlap and are complemented by the duties of the chipper and inspector, depending on experience.

There are cases when the dealer is exposed to too harsh an emotional reaction from the losing player. However, this never comes to a critical conclusion, as in any legal casino there are security guards, and in addition, everything is monitored by video surveillance system. For his part, the dealer must hold back and not show the casino in a bad light.

Dealer in casino

In the dealer’s work, much importance is attached to graphics and discipline. The employee must change tables regularly so that the management does not suspect him of being an accomplice. Also, employees should not discuss personal and some work matters between themselves in the guest room, and there should be a break separately for this purpose.

Contacts with visitors outside the gaming table are discouraged, as it is possible that the customer will want to benefit from such communication. Also, if the dealer has disregarded this rule, and there has been a fraud in the institution, the employee will be among the first suspects.

Also in some casinos all the dealers literally sewed pockets, so that the alarming client suddenly did not think that the employee hid there card or chip. Also, wearing too extravagant jewelry in the form of expensive watches, seals, etc. is not encouraged. If the client loses, the dealer must be completely neutral even though the casino has benefited.

An indicative case in the U.S., where the casino dealer was convicted of collusion with players who eventually fraudulently won a large sum in the casino. During his work, the amount of casino losses equated to $1 million. It is known that the employee “shone” the right cards, which helped the accomplices to guess the outcome of the distribution.

Casino with dealer

When the dealer accidentally made a mistake and the gambling house suffered losses because of it, the responsibility falls on him. You can also check the work of an employee with the help of video cameras, if at a certain period of time the casino began to incur large losses.

A separate place is occupied by the work schedule. Often the dealer has to work in the night shift. To do this, some have to completely rebuild their biorhythm. This is due to the fact that the majority of gamblers visit gambling establishments in the evening and at night.

Separately, knowledge of foreign languages and high communication skills are valued, thanks to which the dealer can find an approach not only to native speakers of another language, but also to representatives of other cultures, which is also not uncommon, especially in those institutions where junket tourism is practiced.

The benefits of working and characteristics of a good dealer


The reasons many become dealers:

  1. The main motive of dealer work is high salary and tips offered by clients.
  2. The opportunity to practice a foreign language.
  3. Possibility of career growth. Good dealers occupy a position of the shift-manager which spectrum of duties extends on all casinos.
  4. Experience in the service sector.

To sum up, it should be said that the dealer is obliged:

  • to be sociable while being able to resolve conflicts;
  • have a thorough knowledge of the rules of all kinds of gambling;
  • to present his casino with dignity and respect for customers;
  • be able to handle chips, cards, dice professionally;
  • have basic knowledge in mathematics for quick calculation.